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GEEEE was born out of a vision to create a company that builds amazing products and services, develops people, and gives back to the community. GEEEE stands for God, Environment, Education, Esteem, and Economics. Five pillars that are needed to strengthen currently underprivileged communities. Underprivileged communities represent communities in the inner-cities, rural mountainous regions of Appalachia, and areas where jobs are scarce and employment is rampant. Our companies exists to make a profit but the profits we make are plugged into the local community to open banks (economics), grocery stores (environment), community centers (environment), improve local schools (education) and provide special programs in schools to build esteem. GEEEE will be the umbrella company for a diversity of startups which build solutions inspired by people in the communities served.

At GEEEE, LLC, we believe that companies can be both profitable and socially responsible. Contact us today to join us in our efforts to lift up all people.



Under privileged communities have been largely ignored by politicians, business leaders, and the government. This has brought about a cycle of poverty, incarceration, and lack of upward mobility for people in these communities. GEEEE's mission is to reverse this trend. We understand that everyone deserves a fair chance at success and our goal is to ensure that the most at risk groups live to their greatest potential.



In today's data economy, your employees are your greatest asset. At GEEEE, we understand that when you take good care of your employees they will take good care of your customers. So much of what we do is creating a pleasing environment for our employees. We encourage employees to build friendships and lasting relationships by giving individuals different ways to connect to other employees via employee initiated clubs, and fun activities (Friday beer bashes, off-site team building, scavenger hunts, etc.) where you can find others having similar interests to your own. To encourage passionate work, we give employees the freedom to move around and find their passionate project. The only catch is that they have to find someone to take their current responsibility or mentor someone looking to move up. This encourages people to make friends, help people progress in their careers and find the good things in their work to sell. We also value developing employees' careers by giving employees opportunities to try different roles and career paths. The catch in this case is that employees need to find people willing to mentor them in their new role. In order to build this type of environment people are assessed on how they helped others to be successful and grow. Giving credit is valued over taking credit. All of this is creates an environment where everyone is their sister's/brother's keeper. An environment free from toxic and political gamesmanship present in many traditional companies and one where people are engaged and passionate about the work they do.

GEEEE values passion and skills over pedigree. In our efforts to increase diversity we look for talented people from traditional as well as non-traditional backgrounds.

GEEEE also values getting into the shoes of our current and potential customers. We are fanatical about the customer. We want to understanding every aspect of how customers interact with, use, and what issues customers face when using the company's products and services. Being fanatical about the customer allows GEEEE companies to build outstanding products and services which deliver magical experiences.

GEEEE is on a mission by God to correct social wrongs. To help disadvantaged and underrepresented groups to contribute their creativity, knowledge, and passions to the world by improving the Economics, Education, Esteem, and Environment of their communities.


"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

Henry David Thoreau


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